Coffee or Tea?

Medium, blonde, or dark roast? Black tea, green tea, or passion tea? Hot, iced or blended? Whipped cream or nah? Already brewed or pour over? One tea bag or two? Foam or no foam? Room for cream? Regular or decaf? Sweet or unsweetened?

These are just a few of the questions that I ask my customers every time I work a shift as a barista. Have you ever stood before a menu in a coffee shop or tea lounge and thought to yourself, “I have no idea what any of those words mean?” Most of us have and before becoming a barista I was the one standing in line looking dazed and confused.When it comes to coffee and tea there are what seems like a million different ways to drink both beverages.

I’m here to clear all of this confusion up and take you on an expedition that will cover all of the coffee and tea options in the Greater Lafayette area. With this blog, I will be translating this baffling language and sharing my interviews with baristas and customers. I will also be sharing coffee and tea related news, ways to save money by making your own coffee and tea beverages from home, teariffic coffee and tea puns, ways to recycle used coffee grounds, and much much more.

Don’t be chai and check back soon for my next post.


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