Take a trip to Indiana’s coolest coffee shop

Have you been to Indiana’s Coolest Coffee Shop?

Bind Café in Kokomo, Indiana was just awarded that title by Best Of Indiana.

Bind Café is so much more than just a café though. It’s also the home to Beyond Barcodes Bookstore and Beyond Borders Language Learning Center. In addition to getting to sip on different coffees from all over the world, you can indulge in books that represent multiple cultures and social movements and take on a different language.

DeAndra Beard, the owner of Bind, told the Kokomo Tribune, “The entire space as a whole has an underlying purpose, a focus on connecting with the community and sharing culture. It’s not just to sell coffee; the space has a purpose.”

Best Of Indiana describes it like this, “BIND Café is one part of a multi-use coffee room dedicated to the spirit of wanderlust with a side of learning and washed down with a hot cup of fair-trade coffee.” (If you’re like me and wasn’t exactly sure what Fair Trade is, here is some more information).

Taking a road trip to Kokomo to experience Bind Café, has just been added to my to-do list.


I love that Bind Café is more than just a space that allows you to enjoy your cup of joe. It is a space that brings the community together and provides them with an opportunity to learn about multiple cultures and languages. I believe coffee shops have the potential to be a place for the community to come together, socialize and share experiences.

Starting next week, I will be exploring a different coffee shop or tea lounge in the Greater Lafayette area each week.  Similar to how Best Of Indiana did on their search to find the coolest coffee shop in Indiana, I hope to get a feel for the different atmospheres, talk to baristas and customers, and try different drinks. I will be sharing my experiences with you on  Fridays so be sure to stick around.

To read more, check out the complete Kokomo Tribune article and the complete list of the Coolest Coffee Shops in Indiana.


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