A slideshow of my coffee shop of the week: Greyhouse


Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co. is our next stop on our journey to explore all the coffee shops in the Greater Lafayette area.

This week we’re going to do something a little different. My experiences and people I interviewed will be showcased in a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More about Greyhouse:
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.06.33 PM.png

“Our desire is to be a place of inspiration for local change-makers.  We want to create an environment for locals to meet, collaborate, and dream of a stronger, healthier community.” 

This quote is straight from Greyhouse’s website and fits perfectly with my philosophy that coffee shops are more than just a place to get coffee. It’s a place to communicate and get to know your local community.

Greyhouse is greatly involved in the community and participates in a ton of community service efforts throughout Greater Lafayette and beyond. They are known for showcasing new, local art in their coffee shop, participating in Starry Night, and hosting live music on Friday nights. They also offer students an opportunity to come get a professional photo taken a few days during the semester and rooms to study in.

Tonight’s live music was Jesse Hunter. (Check out a picture in the slideshow). It was awesome and I suggest hitting up Greyhouse the next time they put on live music.


The menu consists of traditional espresso and tea drinks and their own signature drinks, such as The Grey Capp. They even offer a bottomless coffee options if you plan on staying awhile and your own teapot if you have a big study group.

Just FYI: if you love tea, this is the place to go. Their variety is huge.

If you’re not in the mood for coffee or tea, they also have gelato, crepes, smoothies, and a ton of pastries. I’m getting hungry again, just thinking about that gelato case.

They have merchandise available at the coffee shop and also a store online, where you can buy all kinds of cool stuff.

My recommendations
  • Chamomile Honey Latte
  • Espresso poured over Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean gelato
A Greyhouse barista’s recommendations
  • Aideen Chapman:
    • Creme Brûlée: Sweet and coffee
    • The Grey Capp.
What people in the Greater Lafayette community are drinking at Greyhouse
  • Rache Baker:
    • Favorite drink: Mochas
    • Favorite parts: coffee, music, and atmosphere
      • “still removed from campus, but has a sense of familiarity”
    • Wishes: Needs more seating
  • Alexa Belegrin
    • Favorite drink: London Fog
    • Favorite parts: small, local business and it’s not Starbucks
  • Samantha Liu
    • Favorite drink: Green tea
    • Favorite part: the smell- “smells like home”
      • “very comforting and inviting”
  • Courtney Bonness
    • Favorite drink:
      • Summer: Iced London Fog with a shot of espresso
      • Winter: Maple Carmel Latte
    • Favorite part: Atmosphere, environment, quality of drinks, and they play her favorite songs



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