Would you like a pun with that?

Photo Credit: Redbubbble.com

So my readers have probably noticed by now that I like to use puns in my posts.The classic one a lot of people have heard is “I love you a latte.” I’ve noticed that you can make way more puns relating to coffee and tea. In this post I’m going to enlighten you with some  coffee and tea puns with local Greater Lafayette flair.

  1. Greater Lafayette is a tearrific place to get a cup of coffee or tea.
  2. The daily grind of a Purdue student: wake up, drink coffee, study, go to classes, stand in line at the Starbucks in the Purdue Memorial Union for 15 minutes to get more coffee, study, sleep for a few hours. Repeat.
  3. Purdue students be like: What is steep?
  4. Just thinking about IU makes me depresso.
  5. Mocha black and gold, less red and white please.
  6. I’m never positiviTEA sure what the weather will be like in Greater Lafayette.
  7. Don’t be chai, say hello on the Hello Walk.
  8. Triple XXX: the grounds for the best root beer.
  9. There may be corn all around us, but we still parTEA.
  10. Both sides of the Wabash River are brewtiful.




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