Coffee shop of the week: LavAzza

On the hunt for classic Italian coffee here in Greater Lafayette? LavAzza Espression located in  Marriott Hall Atrium on Purdue’s campus can give you just that. There is currently only 3 in the United States right now so visiting this coffee shop is a must.



LavAzza came about in 1895 in Turin, Italy and has been serving up coffee ever since.

“The Slow Food movement promotes linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment.” 

(Quote from:“LavAzza partners with HTM”)

LavAzza is a big supporter of the Slow Food movement. This movement has three main components: good, clean and fair. I studied abroad in Italy over the summer and learned so much about the Slow Food movement and Italian coffee. The Slow Food movement has it right; it’s about more than just good coffee and food, it’s about connecting to the community, environment, and different cultures.

LavAzza is only open when Purdue is in session, but when it is open there are so many ways to satisfy your craving for some Italian drinks and eats. LavAzza offers classic espresso drinks, coffee, teas, pastries, smoothies, salads, sandwhiches, sushi and gelato. If you like what you drink, they also have a store online.

LavAzza features Benjamin Tea
My Recommendations

The Affogato al Cioccolata is amazing! Gelato with Italian chocolate. Who knew you could get that in the middle of Indiana? The Orange Mocha Mio is pretty great too.

Recommendations by a LavAzza barista
Yue Zhao serving up classic Italian drinks at LavAzza.
  • Selena Zhao:
    • Blendissimo (a frappe with gelato)
    • Strawberry mocha. She mentioned that this one isn’t on the menu, so a lot of people don’t know about it. I tried it and it was amazing.

      Strawberry Mocha
Recommendations by LavAzza customers
  • Claire Sigworth: White Chocolate Mocha
    • LavAssa is her go to place. Its close to a lot of her classes and its a place to study
  • Destiny Johnson: White Chocolate Mocha
    • Mentioned that the sushi is decent, the croissants are pretty good, and she gives the pastries a 3 out of 5

      Claire Sigworth enjoying some study time at LavAssa.

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