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PSA #2: So you may have had to wait longer for this post, but I got to interview the owner of Latea! 


Jack Hsiao is only 28 and has created a booming, delicious business. As you can imagine, He LOVES tea. He graduated from Purdue, after majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management and let me tell you, he has put his degree to good use. He took the time to sit down with me, during a busy Sunday evening rush and explained his passion for his business.

His favorite part about owning Latea is the rush he feels. He mentioned how they ran into trouble at one point and the problem solving he did to fix things brought him joy. He felt a huge sense of accomplishment.

When he was coming up with all the recipes for the drinks, he decided to shy away from artificial bubble tea. He stated that he wants to utilize fresh and natural ingredients. He also emphasized how important a lot of flavor is.

His top five drinks.

  1. House milk tea- He referred to this one as the most popular.
  2. Vanilla milk tea
  3. Rose milk
  4. Honey Lemon green tea
  5. Salty cream float- He described this one as sweet and savory and compared it to a root beer float, but with tea. He also mentioned that it had a secret ingredient.
My Recommendations
Honey Mustard Sweet Potato Fries
Oolong Milk Tea
Honey Lemon Tree Tea. There’s two part to this drink: the heavy cream on top and the tea. The tea is suppose to clear your palate.
The cozy atmosphere inside.

Original Post 

This week were going to stray from our exploration of coffee shops and check out a tea lounge in Greater Lafayette.  I have to admit that I didn’t know anything about bubble tea before I went to Latea. The most important thing I learned was that I have been missing out.

Latea is located at 358 East State Street in West Lafayette

Latea was started here at Purdue in 2014. The Lafayette Journal & Courier interviewed the owner of La Tea when it first opened and discovered, “Owner Jack Hsiao knows his bubble tea. His grandmother sold boba in carts in his hometown of Taichung.”

Jack Hsiao also told the Lafayette Journal & Courier, “Every flavor was created by me. Nothing is premade — because that’s something I’m very opposed to.”

The menu consists of cold milk teas and iced tea. They have a large variety of flavors to choose from, such as salted caramel, lavender, rose  They also have smoothies, desserts, and fries.

Another one of their specialties is their seasoned fries. You can choose between regular fries or sweet potato fries and season them with plum,parmesian basil, curry, dry ketchup, honey mustard, wasabi, peanut, lemon pepper, or salt and pepper.

Check back tomorrow for my recommendations, a bubble tea specialist’s recommendations, and what customers are saying about bubble tea.


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