Coffee shop of the week: Star City


*PSA about the blog: I’m back from Boston! I spent the last couple of days working on two blog posts. The first one is located below. On Sunday I will be featuring an interview from a barista who works in possibly one of the most busiest coffee shops in Indiana, so watch out for that. *

What happens if you don’t like coffee or tea, but people keep asking you to meet up at coffee shops? I have a solution: Star City Coffee and Ale House.


What sets Star City apart from other coffee shops? It has beer! Of course ordering a beer may not always be professional, but at least Star City gives you another option. Now maybe you can avoid those awkward instances where you’re the only one ordering water 😉

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.54.40 AM
Star City is located at 210 Main St. in Lafayette, Indiana.

Besides coffee drinks, teas and beer, Star City also offers simple, but yummy breakfast and lunch items. They offer cereal, oatmeal, bagel sandwiches, and paninis. They also have waffles on Wednesdays and weekends!

Jalapeno Popper Panini

They advertise two different coffee making techniques: the pour over and the french press. As a barista, I can say that by using these two methods, the baristas at Star City  are going the extra mile to make sure their coffee tastes just right. Pour overs and french pressed coffees take just a little more time and effort than the standard drip brew.

The atmosphere of Star City is very hipster and refreshing. They have a lot of tables and plugs (there are literally plugs EVERYWHERE), which is awesome when you need to study or get work done. They also have a ton of outdoor seating.

The walls are covered in artwork and coffee sacks.

Even though they serve beer, anyone is welcome in the coffee shop. They have a small pub area for people over 21.

My Recommendations

Lavender Vanilla Latte: One of my all time favorite drinks in Greater Lafayette! There is just a hint of lavender that makes this latte, so much different than anything I’ve ever tasted before

Nutella Latte 

A Nutella latte. All cold drinks are served in cute little mugs!

The Insomniac: 4 shots of espresso with half and half and simple syrup. This drink is strong, but perfect for when I really need some energy.

Interview with Star City Baristas 

I interviewed two Star City baristas, Tom Daniel and Emily Perlstein. When asked what sets Star City apart from other coffee shops in the Greater Lafayette area, Tom mentioned “greater attention to detail.” He brought up how they “don’t just put something in a cup” and that “We’re intentionally crafting something.” He also mentioned that Star City, “has a higher commitment to sustainable coffee sources.”

When asked what their favorite drinks and parts about working at Star City, Tom answered with “the espresso” and chuckled. Emily mentioned that her favorite drink was a pour over of ethiopian coffee. She also said that the people were her favorite and brought up her coworkers and their regulars.

The last question I asked them was what is something that most people don’t know about Star City. They both pondered this for awhile and Emily said, “That we exist.” Tom brought up how they’ve been here 4 and a half years and most people don’t know that they’re here. Emily said that most students just go to Greyhouse and that some people think they are apart of Red Seven, the restaurant next door.

Emily and Tom both recommended checking out Star City’s Instagram for more pictures of their shop and creations.




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