Tea lounge of the week: Kung Fu Tea

This week I had a hard time deciding which place to feature on the blog. I only have two weeks left of posting for my class, but quite a few more places I want to cover.


This week I choose Kung Fu Tea. Ever since I posted about La Tea and discovered bubble tea, I can’t stop drinking it! I have become addicted and my bank account is really feeling it. I thought it would be good to compare Kung Fu Tea and La Tea this week. The only problem was…Kung Fu Tea doesn’t even compare to La Tea.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.51.57 PM.png

For these posts, I’ve really tried to highlight the best features of the coffee shops/tea lounges that I’ve visited it, but I have to be honest, there just wasn’t really anything that stood out to me about Kung Fu Tea.

Unlike La Tea, Kung Fu Tea is a franchise and their tea lounges are located all over the United States. They have a pretty interesting backstory, but this location just didn’t quite seem to fit what Kung Fu Tea is suppose to be about.

The pros:

  • The atmosphere– nicely decorated and a large spaceFullSizeRender-4
  • The  menu– The menu was huge and had a ton of options: milk tea, slush, sushi, yogurt, oven-baked ice cream, pizza, popcorn chicken, noodles, bentos and so much more. I liked that they served actual food.
  • Board games available


The Cons:

  • The menu: While it was nice that they had so many options, the menu was extremely overwhelming. I stood and stared at it for probably 5 minutes, just trying to figure out what to get and how to order it.
  • Customer service: I had some questions about the food and drinks that looked super interesting, but could not get much explanation out of the employees.
  • The bubble tea: I was so disappointed to find that it had almost no flavor and the little flavor it did have, tasted very artificial.
    • I found myself craving for the quality, organic taste that I get at La Tea.

I ended up getting my usual, Oolong milk bubble tea, and also trying something new, Takoyaki.

  • FYI: Takoyaki is kind of like a hushpuppy with octopus in the middle. It was the quite the surprise to find the octopus!

Kung Fu Tea vs. La Tea

I may be biased because I love to eat and drink local, but La Tea wins by a long shot when it comes to bubble tea in Greater Lafayette. 


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