Cups and controversy in the coffee world

Do you remember your parents teaching you that it’s what’s on the inside that matters?

Well when it comes to Starbucks cups, they were wrong.

People actually care a lot about what’s written on it and the design of their Starbucks cup. It’s quite awkward when a customer asks me to write “Happy birthday,” “Prom?” or “Bride” on their cup, considering my handwriting looks like a kindergartener wrote it (they never look too pleased when I hand them over the cup, even though I warned them!) .

And don’t even get me started on baristas and name spelling. Just trust me that we don’t intentionally spell it wrong.

As for designs, I was working at Starbucks, when they released the notorious plain red cup for the holiday season in 2015.

Photo credit:

People automatically thought Starbucks was against Christmas and there was a lot uproar. I can remember multiple customers asking, “what do the red cups actually mean?” or if Starbucks didn’t want anything to do with Christmas. I even had one person ask me if I was aloud to say Merry Christmas.

My response: I’m pretty sure they’re just cups..

My thoughts: Please just take your coffee and not make a big deal about this

This past holiday season Starbucks somewhat rectified the situation and included holiday designs on their cups. The cool part was that customers actually designed the cups this time!

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This year Starbucks threw us through another loop and launched spring cups. I’ve had multiple customers within the last couple weeks ask whats up with the cups and a few even specifically ask for a certain spring cup. Let’s just say it’s a big deal.

Some people are wondering if Starbucks is trying to celebrate Easter, while others are trying to figure out if the cups are even from Starbucks because they are so different-looking.  Spring_Cups_resized

I have never been able to figure out why the outside of the cup matters so much and am quite bewildered at the idea. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas as to why Starbucks cups are so newsworthy feel free to comment.


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