The ultimate sweetener: Summertime

This week will be my last week of posting for my blogging class. The semester is coming to an end and I will be graduating in just 18 days. I wanted to leave everyone with a few upcoming coffee and tea related events to check out this summer.

  • On May 6, Indianapolis will be hosting their Inaugural Indianapolis Cup. This event is close to home and all about coffee. Visit Indy describes it as, “Equal parts coffee cupping, coffee festival, and straight-up block party, the Indianapolis Cup is a celebration of coffee and the impact this delicious beverage has had on our lives.”
    • The event starts at 10 a.m. and will feature coffee demonstrations, food and plenty of opportunities to taste the best coffees out there.
    • Tickets are a bit costly at $75, but it sounds worth it if you’re a coffee addict.
  • The Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino will be returning sometime in May. I don’t know an exact date for it’s return yet, but will update as soon as I know. This frap is a layered combination of marshmallow whipped cream, milk chocolate, a blended vanilla and coffee mixture, and graham cracker crumbs. It comes in a coffee version and a non-coffee version.

  • The Coffee Fest Chicago 2017, will be happening from June 9-11. This event is more for people looking to get into or to explore the coffee industry. It’s also a really neat event if you’re interested in attending a coffee competition.
  • National Iced Tea Day is on Saturday, June 10, so go out an enjoy some ice tea that day!
  • There were also 3 different coffee shops in Greater Lafayette that I didn’t get to cover. They are Fuel, Java Roaster and Sacred Grounds. So check out these coffee shops this summer. I know I will be, before I’m off to my new adventure.
  • There was also one other really special coffee shop I wanted to visit. There is a new cafe in Indy, that’s meowy different. Nine Lives Cat Cafe offers their customer’s the opportunity to sip some coffee and hang out with adoptable kitty cats! They encourage reservations, so make sure you plan ahead.
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